Canilla Taiyono (Legal name later in life: Canilla Taiyono-Errin) is a multicultural main protagonist of 28 Days of Reality as the energetic and intelligent Airship cargo pilot who goes on a 28 day mission to forge business deals for Errin Industries. He is the son of Llacuna Taiyono (nee Llacuna Soler) and Shizuka Taiyono whom are somewhat known in their hometown as capable ramen makers in their restaurant, the Bunkatsu Sang (Meaning Divided Blood). Raised in the nation of Cosriel, Canilla is instilled with the values of hard work and ambition which leads him to travel to Anarchy's Nest to pursue a career in technological design for Errin Industries.

Canilla Taiyono
Taiyono Kanira / タイ与野 缶イラ
Kanira Taiyono
"Genius but kinda stupid."
AKA Khan
• Characteristics•
Race Human
Gender ♂ Male
Age 20 (-60 SCT)
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Black(Comic)


• Professional information•
Affiliation Errin Conglomerate
Occupation Airship Supply Carrier (Formerly)

Cosmonaut (Formerly) Errin Industries (Formerly)

Rank CEO (Errin Industries, -60 BSCT to -45 BSCT)
Uniform Pilot jacket, pilot goggles, brown vest, black pants, brown cowboy boots, gloves.
Weapon Genko-Taka armor, stone relic
• Personal information•
Status Dead
Family Llacuna Taiyono (Father, deceased), Shizuka Taiyono (Mother, deceased), Inanna Errin (Wife), Ea Errin (Father in-law, deceased), Arias Errin (Son), Helena Scarletburn (Daughter in-law), Dyrros Errin (Son), Sciana Zawilec (Granddaughter), Emriesk Errin (Grandson), Valen Scarletburn (Grandson)

Elssca-Arie Errin (Great-Granddaughter), Kryosidan Scarletburn (Great-Grandson), Ellision Scarletburn (Great-Grandson), Kyrin Scarletburn (Great-Grandson), Galia Scarletburn (Great-Granddaughter)

See: Errin Family Tree

Friends Inanna Errin, Mantua Shipping Crew, Hideo Taiyono, Yhomira Taiyono, various trade partners
Allies Inanna Errin, Mantua Shipping Crew, Hideo Taiyono, Yhomira Taiyono, various trade partners, Errin Conglomerate
Enemies Seriyu Errin, Viircoi Xcarette
• First appearance•
Roleplay/Chatplay/Statplay Spirit of Autonomy [Mentioned and brief flashback]
Story/Comic 28 Days of Reality



Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms






Dissonant Rhapsody



*"I'm number /one/! My hips are howling out!"

*"I'm not above doing silly shit. Want me to dance? I will. I'll even juggle porcupines with my asscheeks if it means we can strike a business deal with you!"

*"Your progress is incredible, but you're not the only one who can transform! Ixhch-te!!!"