Nightmares in Flames is a comic in production from the Dissonant Rhapsody canon. It serves as a prequel to Kirenyun's Imprinted and an indirect continuation of several other smaller plots. Considered to be the first plot to start off a major portion of Dissonant Rhapsody's lore, Nightmares in Flames lays down the foundation for later plots and provides critical lore for many worlds.

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Season 1 Edit

Being the most lengthy season, Season 1's time frame spans approximately 12 years through the eyes of the lead protagonist, Li-Ten Ta'na. Starting off in what is present-day Kirenyun, a 7 year old Li-Ten and his hermit father, Kezurai Ta'na, live relatively isolated from the world without any knowledge of the constant military skirmishes the enemy Syelsumoii and local rebel resistances have. Upon finding out about the world beyond their humble territory, Li-Ten unlocks a complicated and dangerous world at war....on top of learning of his heritage as the son of a genetically engineered 'war machine'. 

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Issue 1: A Shattered World Edit

Boop boop shadoop. 


Setting Edit

Nightmares in Flames takes place in Mantua, more specifically in various notable prefectures that become nations by the time of Kirenyun's Imprinted setting. However in this time period, Mantua is under Syelsumoii control, and is therefore called "Käärmeäiti."(Planet Karmeati).  

A soldier in every son thats born1

Notable locations that are visited by the main cast are in Kirenyun/Vrachenny(Hevonenmaa Prefecture), Siselheim(Kiikir Prefecture), and the Suiiaika region in Eastern Mantua for Season 1.

Tower aesthetic

In terms of its proximity to its sequel, Kirenyun's Imprinted, Nightmares in Flames takes place roughly 40+ years before SCT. The time frame is not definite and can change at any time as the story's plot is further developed. Though it is confirmed that Nightmares in Flames and The Grenian Conspiracy: Sons of Autonomy happen within a close time frame from each other.

Dramatis Personae Edit

Main Characters Edit

*[Spotter] Li-Ten Ta'na

*[Lieutenant] Varen Varikoi

*[Cadet] Noriyuske Ado

Supporting Characters Edit

*This guy

*And that guy

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Trivia Edit

It is currently in its early stages of development. More specifically, the story-plotting stage. Though there is already a number of concept sketches and official art of the many settings the story has. This includes two covers-- One official cover for Issue 1 and another concept sketch for Season 1 in general. 

*Its estimated release is around Summer 2019.