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Operation: Ribbon Seeker
Vital statistics
Participants Lucea Varikoi, Raiden Version 23, Tatsuo Yoshiro, Xanadu Paperblack, Ziera Meifeng, Reikovic Minskemiln, Liliyani Minskemiln, Anat Lekus (Cameo), Seiko Kinasage, Dylma Tojigamori, Kaeri Metsanoen,Null (Arsenic Octopus) Zurikan Soldiers, Zurikan Nocturne Special Command Soldiers
Date 5th of Tshaji- Undetermined Date
Locations Zurikgrad Isles
Groups Zhennka Shi Unit,People's Sovereign Nation of Quirenyun. Genome Revolutionary Unit, Unknown Association.
Casualties TBD
Threat Level Medium-High
Mission Outcome TBD

Mission Briefing[]


"Plane Crash"[]


Kyuwan Forest Exploration[]

Hira Coastline Exploration[]

"The Rules of Nature"[]

  • Spoilers! The following contains information/Title Names on current and planned chapters of the story: Quirenyun's Imprinted*

"A Trigger in Mind"[]

"Sate the Madman"[]


"Crossroads of Destiny"[]

"Smoke and Mirrors"[]

"Counter the Heavens"[]

"Mass produced Nightmare"[]

"Terraprison 7"[]


"Against all Odds"[]