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Richard Knight
リチャード 騎士
Richādo Naito
AKA Ringo
• Characteristics•
Race Royale Serpent Human Hybrid
Gender ♂ Male
Age Infant (CoU) 20 (Other canons)
Hair Brown
Eyes Gray
• Professional information•
Affiliation KnightSnake, CoU, Interstellar Scientific Exchange
Occupation Scientist
Rank Leading Practitioner of Garnere Theories
Uniform Lab coat or military uniform
Weapon Pistol, Eon, Explosive Energy
• Personal information•
Status Alive
Family Pricilla Starkey (Mother) Alexander Knight (Father, deceased), Ryeonetta Knight (Sister)
Friends Cult of Ustream, Ivan Karros
Allies Cult of Ustream, Knight Clan, Starkey Conglomerate
Enemies Interstellar Scientific Exchange (Eventually), Emriesk Errin, ZhennProject 3
• First appearance•
Roleplay/Chatplay/Statplay Cult of Ustream
Story/Comic None

Richard Jotham Knight (Formerly known as Richard Starkey) is a supporting character within the CoU, PR, and CC canons. He is known as the "Son of Two Dynasties" as his father, Alexander Knight, is the sole owner of the family corperation CrazECorp. And his mother, Pricilla Starkey, was formerly the 4th in line for the Mantuanese crown. Richard was the product of a one-night stand between his parents Alexander and Pricilla Knight along with his twin sister Rye. However, Richard did not adopt the surname Knight into his royal name until his Grandfather, Emperor Karaki Starkey, granted it.  And during the course of time, he worked alongside his family closely and founds his own industry, KnightSnake.

Possessing an IQ of 183 and fluent in nine languages, including English and Mantuanese, he was known as "the man who breathes impossible" and his exploits made him into a living legend among the scientific community of the Zhenn solar system and Earth. Initially a biochemist, Richard later included the professions of a Bio Engineer, a Steel-Rank Genome scientist/engineer, and a marine biologist, making him the most successful of his batch. 



Early Life

Richard Knight was forseen by Vuori Susi one year before his actual birth as "The union between harmony and chaos."

It is not known when exactly was Ringo born. But it is hinted that he was born in the beginings of spring in Mantuanese time. That, in retrospect, is at around Kāiqì, 1729. Richard's birthplace was in Ustream, Euthora, but within the confines of the cult building. Which in Mantuanese and many other laws, is a neutral zone where land cannot dictate a nationality. Only it's race and the race of it's biological parents, granting him full Mantuanese citizenship and nationality upon birth with his twin sister, Rye. 

After birth, Richard was immediately registered within the grand recorder query of Termina Range in Mantua. That event caused quite an uproar among the black market scientific trade of "ISE" and especially the Grenian counter government of the People's Progressive Union, whom at the time owned his mother and strictly kept her in their careful watch and care. Acording to the PPU and ISE, any progeny born during a contract period must be registered as a new arrival member within the ISE and registered as a "neutral citizen" (Meaning they do not belong to any planet). Ivan, upon learning Starr's decision, arrives to Euthora within weeks and then meets the young child for himself. He pardon's Starr's choice and secretly registers him as a Grenian instead, which is also against the ISE's wishes.

After that, Richard stayed in Euthora under Ivan's strict commands to his mother for safety, ocasionally stopping by to Starr's home to observe little Richard and also tamper around with his unique psyche. 





Middle Adulthood



Notable Works


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